Integrating Evidence into Practice: exploring the JBI Framework

Online course via Microsoft Teams

The implementation of evidence bridges the gap between research findings and the delivery of effective and high-quality care. JBI has developed a framework for evidence implementation, which will be elucidated during this seminar. JBI is an international organisation that considers evidence-based healthcare as decision-making that considers the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness (FAME) of healthcare [...]

How to Turn your Research Data into Impactful Visuals

KCGG "Stille ruimte" (Campus UZ Gent) C. Heymanslaan 10 (0K3 Ingang 42), Gent

Communicating complex research data is a delicate balancing act. A graph or data visualization for a research article, graphical abstract or scientific poster must not only be accurate and unambiguous, it must also be easy to understand and attractive enough to draw the attention of your audience. In this interactive seminari, Koen will offer you [...]

Empowering Patient Engagement in Research: Bridging Theory and Practice through Inspiring Testimonials [seminar in Dutch]

KCGG "Stille ruimte" (Campus UZ Gent) C. Heymanslaan 10 (0K3 Ingang 42), Gent

PAWO (Patient Advisory Council for Scientific Research @ Ghent University Hospital) actively involves (former) patients, relatives, caregivers, and others in all aspects of scientific research. (Patients and relatives bring a unique perspective to scientific research.) During Knowledge 2 Connect, you will discover: The essence of patient participation in research and its profound benefits for patients, [...]

Donations, Funds, Legacies and Chairs in Health Research: Strategy and Inspiring Best Practices [seminar in Dutch]

KCGG "Stille ruimte" (Campus UZ Gent) C. Heymanslaan 10 (0K3 Ingang 42), Gent

Are you involved in research and interested in exploring opportunities for financial support through donations, fundraising, chairs, and legacies? The University Fund guides and advises on the possibilities to support research, education, and services at Ghent University. Mrs. Terry Ediers will illustrate the distinctions between donations, funds, chairs, and legacies through best practices in healthcare. [...]

How to Prepare Your Data for Posting in a Repository: seminar

yet to decide

Maybe you are convinced that Open Science1 is the proper way forward, maybe you need to adhere to the FWO policy2 with regard to research results or maybe you want to implement the data publication requirement of sharing clinical result data after closing a clinical trial3. In all cases you will want to post data [...]

How to Prepare Your Data for Posting in a Repository: workshop

yet to decide

In the workshop we will identify the different data types that are collected during your own research project. We will review attributes of data in repositories and evaluate their usefulness based on how FAIR the data are. And we will experience first hand what it takes to deposit data in a data repository. Please take [...]