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The GRADE approach describes the process of rating the quality of the best available evidence and developing health care recommendations developed by the international GRADE Working Group ( Their aim was to develop a common, transparent and sensible approach to grading the quality (or certainty) of evidence and strength of recommendations in health care. The GRADE approach is now considered standard in systematic review and guideline development.

Content and format: We will focus on the GRADE approach for interventions. The course consists of plenary lectures on how to assess the certainty of evidence and how to formulate a recommendation based on an evidence profile. Participants get hands-on experience using small-sized workshops. There will be ample room for questions.

Detailled programme:

9.00-9.20            Introduction

  • What is GRADE
  • History and development

9.20-10.30           How to GRADE: assessment of certainty of evidence

  • 5 factors that lower our confidence
  • 3 factors that increase our confidence

10.30-10.45       Break

10.45-12.30       Workshop: Assessment of certainty of evidence

  • Participants assess the certainty of evidence of important and critical outcomes

12.30-13.30       Lunch break

13.30-14.15        How to GRADE: from evidence to recommendation

  • Strength of recommendation
  • Evidence to Decision (EtD) framework

14.15-15.00:      Workshop: from evidence to recommendation

  • Participants formulate a recommendation using the EtD framework

15.00-15.15        Break

15.15-16.15        Workshop: Using GRADE in practice

  • Participants discuss some practical examples

16.15-16.30        Summary and questions


Target group: This session is targeted toward researchers, but is open to all interested people.  

Teachers: Trudy Bekkering and Anne-Catherine Vanhove by Cebam in collaboration with Cochrane Belgium, WOREL and Domus Medica

Maximum number of participants: 25 (minimum 15 participants)

Additional information: please bring your own device

Language: English

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