Avoid the “Withdrawn” Status for Your Publications in Biblio.

Every year, a large number of new scientific publications by UGent researchers are added to Biblio. This is a positive development, as it helps create a complete view of all the research the university and its researchers publish. It makes our research more visible, easier to find, and ensures that it’s preserved for the future.

Only publicly visible publications can be considered for funding applications (BOF, IOF) and interfaculty allocation of research resources, among other purposes. That’s why it’s important that the information you provide is complete and that the entered publications find their way to the public Biblio interface (front office).

However, if the entered information is incomplete, the relevant publications are labeled as “withdrawn” in the Biblio back office. This means they are not yet visible in the public Biblio interface. To avoid this, complete your withdrawn publications in Biblio as soon as possible.

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