Writing for students

MS Word (available via the Athena platform) and Apache Open Office are just a few examples of word processing software. The online Van Dale dictionaries can be found here or when logged in to the UGent network – on http://vandale.ugent.be. The DeepL translation tool offers solid quality.

If you want to integrate citations from EndNote in your text, you will need to use MS Word via the Athena platform (in contrast to a locally installed word processor).

There is a section on the UGent student portal dedicated to Linguistic Supervision and Advice. There you will find tips for first-year students, giving a presentation, creating a poster, writing help per faculty and a style guide for your paper, Bachelor or Master thesis. Also when writing in English, you will find useful links and tools there. If you wish, you can contact one of the language advisors personally. The presentation Academic writing puts you on the right track in the field of academic language use.

There are various online writing platforms with collaboration options such as OneDriveGoogle Drive, Authorea, Overleaf or ShareLaTex.

International Reporting Guidelines give an overview of the criteria that an article should satisfy, where possible, in order to promote transparency in reporting and prevent Reporting Bias.

Study type Reporting guideline
Cohort, case-control and cross-sectional study STROBE statement
Case reports CARE
Health Economic Evaluations CHEERS
Animal studies (pre-clinical) ARRIVE
Qualitative research SRQR
RCT CONSORT statement
Guidelines AGREE
Study protocols SPIRIT
Systematic review (and meta-analysis) PRISMA statement, checklist en flow diagram

PRISMA-P (PRISMA for protocols)

PRISMA-A (PRISMA for abstract)

More guidelines for Health Research can be found at www.equator-network.org

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please contact our information specialist Heidi Buysse or information assistant Muguet Koobasi.

Do you have a question related to your literature review or do you need help with searching, processing or publishing of your literature/data? Then please fill in our form to give us a clear view of your question and so that we can advise you efficiently. Alternatively, you could email us at kcgg@ugent.be.