Document delivery

UGent collection

The UGent catalogue contains an overview of all available journals and books, both digital and hard copy. Articles are best searched via the various available databases (PubMed, Web of Science, Google Scholar, …), since articles are not individually included in the catalogue.

An SFX link will direct you to the full text: either with a direct link to the online article or the option to submit a scan request via the link ‘Document delivery: Scanned article from print collections (UGent only)’.

If no SFX link is available, a scan of the article can also be requested by looking up the journal in the library catalogue and then clicking on ‘services’ followed by ‘request scanned article’.

If you are affiliated to the UGent, a scan request from the UGent collection is free and the article will be mailed to you as a PDF file.

Interlibrary loan service (ILL)

Not found the article or book you want? 

Then you can submit an interlibrary request. We will search for the document in a network of national and international libraries. Please note: this is a paying service (more information and rates).

Request documents

Requests are submitted online:

  • Articles can be requested via an SFX link via ‘Document delivery: From any library worldwide (paying service)’.
  • Books, chapters and articles can be requested via the University Library website.

Method of payment

  • Students receive an email with a link to pay electronically. This will be sent on the next Tuesday after a document has been delivered via ILL. It is not possible to pay in cash.
  • PhD students with double status (student and staff) decide when submitting a request whether to pay themselves (student number to be entered) or whether this will be paid for by the department (personnel number to be entered).
  • For personnel, the costs are invoiced to the department or faculty.

Practical info

Requests are processed every workday between 8:30 and 16:00. The delivery time for articles averages between two days and a week, depending on the response time within the library network. The delivery time for books is between one and two weeks.

For urgent deliveries (personnel only) and practical questions, please contact (during work hours):

T: 09 332 51 99 or 09 332 22 95

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