Copying & printing

The print and copy system is only accessible to UGent personnel/students. External visitors can only use the scan function. Credit can be uploaded via and is only possible using debit card, credit card or PayPal.



Printing from a UGent computer is done by username. Make sure therefore that the card you use on the multifunctional is linked to the same user. Nobody else can access your assignment. Use ‘Follow me on pcounter’ to print.

Cost of prints/copies:
A4 bw/w  € 0.04      A3 bw/w  € 0.08
A4 colour  € 0.20     A3 colour  € 0.40



Place your card on the multifunctional pay terminal and select ‘to Copy’. On the multifunctional, select Copy.



Scanning is free and can be done even if you have don’t have credit on your card. There are some restrictions (maximum size of an e-mail, time-out if you forget to log out) which ensure that your scan jobs are not too big. Check that your scans have actually arrived in your mailbox. For bigger volumes it is best to use a USB stick.

You can find the complete epurse manual here.