Reminder annual call to register publications 2022 in Biblio

Following the call to register your publications in Biblio earlier this year, thousands of publications of 2022 were entered in the academic bibliography. With this call we invite you to register any missing publications of publication years 2021 and 2022 in the academic bibliography Biblio by July 1st, 2023 at the latest. When entering your published research output [...]

Annual call to register publications in Biblio

Now 2022 has ended we call upon you to complete your scholarly publications in the academic bibliography Biblio for the year 2022. In doing so, please observe the following deadlines in view of the submissions for the BOF allocation key. 15 March 2023 is the deadline for registration of publications 2021-2022 eligible for the Vlaams [...]

Study and holiday arrangements Christmas holidays

Exam period Our exam period has now started and is running until February the 3th. In the first week of the Christmas holidays (where Ghent University is normally closed) we are open as a study location from Monday 26/12 until Friday 30/12 from 8:30 to 22:00. From Saturday 07/01 we are also open 4 weekends [...]

Faculty Research Training Program

The Faculty Research Training Program is a one-stop-shop for training courses that help researchers to acquire basic knowledge and skills essential for research in Medicine and Health Sciences. Practical For whom? For all students, (post)doctoral researchers and academic staff of the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. How does it work? The program is broken down [...]

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