New Ghent University policy on scholarly publishing and new Biblio interface

From January 1, 2023, a new policy on scholarly publishing will take effect at Ghent University. It replaces the existing publication policy and deposit mandate. The new policy in a nutshell The policy outlines the university’s vision for (the future of) scholarly publishing in a changing publishing landscape, and the shared responsibilities to help realise this vision. It also contains [...]

Call for registration publications 2020/21

We kindly call upon you to complete your scholarly publications in the academic bibliography for the year 2021. Deadlines March 15 2022 is the deadline for registration of publications of 2020-2021 that qualify for the Vlaams Academisch Bibliografisch Bestand for the Social Sciences and Humanities (VABB-SHW). Articles accepted in Emerging Sources Citations Index (ESCI) in [...]

Sharing is caring podcast

The second episode of the podcast series created by Laurence Hendrickx on behalf of the Team Societal Outreach, entitled Sharing is caring, is available! In this episode, the focus is on how, as a researcher, you can best communicate your research results with a broader public. By sharing your results with the media, be it traditional media such [...]

Science Figured Out

Did you know that, along with you, nearly 10.000 junior researchers are conducting a doctoral study in Flanders at the moment? While these researches find their way to colleagues in the academia through scientific publications and conferences, only a small amount is brought under the attention of the general public. Enter the “Science figured out”-project. Through [...]

Corona update after Consultative Committee

As a result of the decisions of the Consultative Committee, from Monday 7 March onwards, it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks anywhere at Ghent University. The mask duty disappears at the KCGG. We are allowed to open at normal capacity & we will return all seats during this week. Disinfecting the sites [...]

New website and decision tree on research ethics

As a researcher, you are often asked about the ethical aspects of your research. Both Ghent University and funding agencies require that research meet the highest ethical standards. Research ethics are very diverse. Think of animal testing, clinical trials on humans, the collection of personal data, research that is useful both for civilian and militarily [...]

Research portal UZ Gent

UZ Gent have launched an online research portal for all registrations/requests for clinical trials:

Mind the GAP

Mind the GAP is an English-language training tool for all researchers and all those involved in research, from PhD students to more experienced researchers, to teachers and policy makers. The focus is on research integrity and the promotion of good research practices in all disciplines. Read all about it on this page.

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