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Science is thoughtful, complex and ongoing, while media want clear and short messages with some news value. Given that tension, it’s quite a challenge for you as a researcher to get your topic in the press in a satisfying way.

This online Knowledge 2 Connect seminar looks at how you can prepare yourself for an interview by a journalist from written press, radio or television all the same: by reflecting beforehand on a good, newsworthy key message. We listen to a few exemplary interviews with scientists and discuss how you can react good and less good to tricky questions. (via Teams)

Guest speaker seminar: Ann De Ron (FishGrowFeet)

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Next to this seminar, a 2h workshop (14:00 – 16:30) will be organised. In small groups you will practice being interviewed, experience what it is like to be an interviewing journalist, and give/receive feedback. If there is a volunteer, Ann will also conduct a demonstration interview, which we discuss as a group. (via Zoom)

Moderator workshop: Ann De Ron (FishGrowFeet)

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