The Faculty Research Training Program is a one-stop-shop for training courses that help researchers to acquire basic knowledge and skills essential for research in Medicine and Health Sciences.


  • For whom? For all students, (post)doctoral researchers and academic staff of the faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
  • How does it work?
    • The program is broken down into training modules linked to a specific stage in the research process.
    • Each module includes plenary and hands-on training courses organised by research services associated with the faculty such as the Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent (KCGG), Biostatistics Unit, Health, innovation and research institute UZ Gent (HIRUZ), CORE Facilities, Human Body Materials Service (Biobank), Faculty Ethics Committee for Animal Experiments, Medical Ethics Committee Ghent University Hospital, Open Science Team of Ghent University, Faculty Societal Outreach Committee (CMO), Faculty Doctoral Committee (FDOC), Faculty Scientific Research Committee (CWO).
    • The focus is on teaching basic knowledge and skills. To acquire a more advanced level, each module also refers to additional training offerings.
    • All training courses our voluntary, depending on individual needs and interests, and taught in a recurring manner.

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